Deep Dive Coaching Session

This is an intense session with a lot of questions from your coach, designed to get everything out of your brain and into a usable format, as well as bringing your coach up to speed on you, your business & your strengths & weaknesses.

This session will utilise a variety of tools such as a SWOT analysis, gap analysis, competitor analysis, goal setting, prioritisation matrices, core limiting belief systems and persona development.

We also often uncover mindset and coaching opportunities.


Strategic Planning Sessions

Using the information that was gathered in your Deep Dive coaching session you will work with your coach to fine-tune your vision and goals and develop your business and personal plan.

From here, we look at where you and the business are headed in 5 years, where you are now and where the gaps are. We also explore what is holding you back.

You will come away from this session with comprehensive short, medium and long-term strategies and tactics for your business.


Regular One-on-One Catch-Ups

Once you’ve got your strategy sorted, you’ll be able to put it into action.

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone!

You will have access to regular one-on-one catch-ups  with your coach (as well as unlimited access via phone & email in between) to see how you’re progressing, discuss any challenges you may be facing and re-evaluate your strategies periodically.

We use coaching software that records your actions, measures your metrics & keeps you on track through gentle nagging.

What Benefits Can BUSINESS Coaching Give You?

Whether you’re a startup or established leader in your field, you could always use a bit of extra help – because at times you’ll feel like you’re undertaking the business journey alone.

You may well be surrounded by your team at work and your family at home, but who’s really there for you to share all the issues, challenges and opportunities presented in your career or business? After all, you often can’t talk to those in your team about a lot of things and you may not want to bore those at home with work talk!

This is where a coach comes in. As an uncompromising friend, they will inspire, champion and support you to develop and achieve your stretch goals, as well as being there to celebrate the wins along the way.

A good coach has years of experience and training so that they know the right questions to ask, as well as being able to share experiences with you to help you make the right decisions. They’re also a great sounding board and listener.

With the right coach as part of your extended team, you and your business will soar.

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