“Helping women globally live more passionate lives through creating communities that enable women to turn their passion projects into a sustainable lifestyle by not allowing fear to get in the way.”

How Mandy can help you

At The Common, Mandy is both one of our top coaches and also our Community Director.

At The Common, we believe that the key to achieving your professional and personal goals is to take time out from your everyday world to work ON your business and ON yourself.

We do this through Inspiring, Championing & Supporting you & then Celebrating with you when you achieve.

This is a philosophy that Mandy shares & as Community Director & Coach she will work with you from the moment you join The Common. Working in with the other coaches, she will take the time to understand what you need to achieve & then she will work out the best way that we can help you achieve that. She’ll connect you with the right people, set up appointments for you, make sure you’re invited to the right events & workshops & follow your progress with a passion.

About Mandy

Mandy is not your ‘average’ coach. With a world of experience both locally & internationally, Mandy is the leading expert on quarter-life crises & helping you live your passion.

Mandy is passionate about equality & making a difference in the world. This includes community building, connecting people, coaching, educating & helping others.

It was this passion that led her to quit her corporate job, undertake some formal coaching training and set herself up in business as the leading coach for people experiencing a quarter-life crisis.

This is just one of the many groups of people that Mandy works with. Her personal vision is to help 10,000 women per year to achieve a sustainable lifestyle based on their passion project.

With qualifications in Coaching & a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in education, combined with real-life experiences, Mandy is the perfect coach & community director for The Common.

And it’s not all work. In her free time likes swimming, travel, reading, food & wine.