It isn’t just fledging or start-up businesses that can benefit from the help of a Business Coach or Mentor. Any person who is looking for growth, both professionally & personally can benefit from a Coach, who becomes your uncompromising friend.

Having worked with over 300 businesses, and being an owner of 2 businesses myself,  the biggest challenge I have found is that as a business owner or leader you tend to feel alone. You may well be surrounded by a team & also have the support of your family at home, but who is there for you to share all of the issues, challenges & opportunities? There are some things that you can’t talk about with your team & your partner, husband or wife gets fed up with you always bringing work home!

This is where a coach comes in. As an uncompromising friend, they will Inspire, Champion & Support you to develop & achieve your stretch goals, as well as being there to celebrate the wins along the way.

So, why would you engage with a Business Coach? What might be going on that gives you an indication that you’re ready to get some help?


  • You’re overwhelmed & stressed
  • You can’t see a clear way forward
  • You’re in a rut
  • You want to reach the next level
  • You’ve lost all passion for what you do

Do any of these sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to seriously look at what a Business Coach can do for you.


Here’s 10 reasons that getting a business coach might be useful for you:

1. To bounce around ideas
Business coaches can act as an unbiased sounding board for you to bounce ideas off and talk through ideas. This allows for idea generation and to think more about other people’s perspectives.

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2. To develop self-confidence and push yourself outside of your comfort zone

This is especially useful for entrepreneurs who are introverted as it is easy to get caught up in the minor details which tend to hold your business back. Business coaches can help you to come out of your shell and try new things such as networking and meeting new people.


3. Build connections and opportunities

Being surrounded by like-minded people allows you to develop a support system who encourage you and actually want to see you succeed. Not to mention gaining access to a greater range of perspectives and ideas.


4. To develop new skills

Many business coaches will provide you with tried and tested tips, tricks, and shortcuts which have been proven to help businesses succeed. In addition to this, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge & a network of specialists who can help you.


5. To have someone challenge your assumptions & thinking

Most good business coaches will challenge your thought processes and ideas to get you to think from another perspective. Everyone brings their own assumptions and biases to each situation, business coaches will help you to predict outcomes by assessing the known facts and experiences.

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6. Get re-motivated

Making little progress can be demotivating, we’ve all been there! A business coach can help you to get back on track and start progressing towards your goals again.


7. Increase and track productivity

Having a business coach will unlock and maximise the potential you have. They give strategies to overcome obstacles as well bringing their experience to eliminate your weaknesses to get overall greater productivity as well as tracking the productivity you have now.


8. To be held accountable for what really matters

Being accountable for yourself can be challenging, however, if you are accountable to someone else it can create improved performance, more participation, satisfaction, and moral. Having a business coach keeps you on track to being accountable and therefore being responsible for the work that is being done.


9. Learn how to make your ideas into reality

Some ideas can be hard to imagine, let alone execute. A business coach will help guide you in the right direction to make your dreams reality and make your business a success.


10. To have someone champion you to success

Once your idea has been established a business coach can help you to continue to focus on growing your business further and give you the tools and knowledge that you need to accurately track the progress of your business. They’ll also encourage you to celebrate the wins & be your cheerleader.

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Whatever you decide is best for your business, consider your business goals and take your first step! Don’t let your business become just another missed opportunity – take action now.

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